Saturday, May 27, 2017

Making Brushing Fun for Our Little Ones

Caring for our child's teeth and gums is very important to ensure that they won't have tooth decay and their breath will stay as fresh as a baby's.  But no matter what stories we try to tell them about cavities, it's not always easy to get them to brush, especially with a toddler like my Lia.  It was easier when she was much younger, but now that she's two and is easily distracted, brushing her pearly whites is somewhat a chore.  

Buy hey, I am not one to just give up when she doesn't want to brush her teeth!  So how do I get her to do it? We make it FUUUUN! :)

  • We sing songs.  Lia loves singing and dancing, and I tell you, there was never any brushing session with her that didn't involve a song! Most times, we even watch brushing videos while singing, and her two favorites are below.

  • We play copycat.  This is pretty simple: I brush, and she copies me. Because she's still young, she can't do the job very well yet, so before she takes out the toothbrush from her mouth, I get it from her so I can do the 'finishing touches.' :)
  • We treat her toothbrushes like toys.  Lia has two colorful brushes, so that when she doesn't like one, we use the other.  I let her play with them so that she could get to enjoy her brushes just like her other toys.  This way, she would associate them with fun rather than thinking of brushing as a task.

Three days ago, I received a package at home that got me so thrilled --- a Colgate Minions kit! Waaaaah, I love the Minions!  The moment I saw it, I knew it could help me make brushing a more fun experience for Lia. The kit contains a kiddie toothbrush plus a toothpaste that are sooo cute I wanted one for myself!


This Colgate Minions Bubble Fruit toothpaste is designed especially for kids 6 and below, designed for cavity and enamel protection.  I tasted it myself and boy, it's delicious! Perhaps Lia and I could share?  Hehe.

This Colgate Minions toothbrush, on the other hand, is especially designed for two to five-year old children who have baby teeth and are developing molars.  The diameter of its bristle tips is less than 0.01mm for effective and gentle cleaning; it has a small head for easy access to the child's mouth; it has a unique soft tongue cleaner on the back of the head; and it has a suction cup for easy and fun upright storage.


Thanks for this Minions kit, Colgate! :)  Now Lia already has three toothbrushes to choose from, and this one from you can easily become her favorite.  It would be awesome if you could come up with a Minions brushing video, too! :)


To learn more about Colgate and its offerings, visit or follow them on Instagram: @ColgatePH.

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