Thursday, July 27, 2017

Self-care Soothes The Soul

And for me today, self-care is taking a day off from work! :)

Sometimes, no matter how passionate and zealous we are about something, be it our motherhood or business or career, we just simply need to take a breather. We are humans --- not robots --- and our energy no matter how high, is finite. Admit it. There are days when you just feel like you want to stop doing and just be, di ba? I've been feeling that these past few days. I thought I needed some space from my daily routine and several times, I caught myself wishing to sleep just a little longer in the morning. Good thing, my calendar said there's no meeting or anything super duper kaduper urgent today in the office, so I filed for a VL. Yehey! This is self-care! :) I listened to myself before I even get to the point of no return --- burnout.
So how did I spend my midweek day-off?  Wala lang naman. And that's actually the point! =P

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Mom's Day Out

The past week was tough. It was a roller coaster ride mentally, physically, and emotionally. That's why when I was invited to the "Mom's Day Out" of Sun Life Philippines, I knew I had to go. The invite said the event would take me away from hubby and baby for almost 5 hours (?!#4@!), but my head told me I needed this time off, so I went.  The event took place at the new I'M Hotel in Makati.

The afternoon started with a talk by Michelle Alignay, a registered Guidance Counselor and Parenting, Relationship, and Family Life Specialist.  She primarily discussed about the importance of self-care.  As mothers, sometimes we tend to be headless chickens, juggling the needs of our family and work and many other things, that we forget to take care of our own well-being.  She emphasized how important 'me-time' is, and why we should not feel guilty about it.  We need to take care of ourselves so that ultimately, we have more of ourselves to give to our family.
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