Sunday, July 16, 2017

Mom's Day Out

The past week was tough. It was a roller coaster ride mentally, physically, and emotionally. That's why when I was invited to the "Mom's Day Out" of Sun Life Philippines, I knew I had to go. The invite said the event would take me away from hubby and baby for almost 5 hours (?!#4@!), but my head told me I needed this time off, so I went.  The event took place at the new I'M Hotel in Makati.

The afternoon started with a talk by Michelle Alignay, a registered Guidance Counselor and Parenting, Relationship, and Family Life Specialist.  She primarily discussed about the importance of self-care.  As mothers, sometimes we tend to be headless chickens, juggling the needs of our family and work and many other things, that we forget to take care of our own well-being.  She emphasized how important 'me-time' is, and why we should not feel guilty about it.  We need to take care of ourselves so that ultimately, we have more of ourselves to give to our family.

So moms, how do we do self-care?  These are the practical ways shared by Michelle:

  1. Affirm your goodness
  2. Release Control (of things beyond you)
  3. Saying NO is okay (and needed at times)
  4. Feeling happy and satisfied is normal
  5. Relinquish some tasks that stress you


  1. During emotional highs: PAUSE
  2. Ditch the guilt
  3. Choose to love more
  4. Be silly with the kids
  5. Flirt with your spouse! Make your marriage matter.


  1. Choose to rest or sleep
  2. Give yourself an extra 10 minutes in the shower
  3. Put a little color in your face
  4. Find a spot for daily reflection
  5. Find a daily physical activity that you can do

Michelle's presentation was followed by a short talk about planning for the future by a Sun Life officer.  An example she gave was how investing in your little one's future could take a load off your worries, and how Sun Life specifically could help you do just that.  The talk was short and sweet, and I liked how it was not too hard sell.  I was expecting a longer and more detailed discussion because this was why they 'took the moms out' in the first place, but the push didn't happen.  Perhaps they just really wanted to give us a treat, after all. :)  Thanks, Sun Life!  By the way, they showed us this video and though I couldn't relate so much because my baby is only two and I have a wonderful super husband, it almost made me cry!  Almost, because I held back! Hehe.

After the talks went the 'pampering proper.' Yahoo! :) We were treated to a much-needed rejuvenating massage at I'M Onsen Spa, the largest state-of-the-art spa in the Philippines featuring a unique carbonated bath with technology imported from Japan.

Photo grabbed from
With my newfound mommy buddies: Jayreen, Marie, and Angie :)
Pardon the quality, iPhone only! =D
Take two with the mommas! :)

After the one-hour massage came the one I was most excited about --- the buffet at BLOOM! :) It was dinner time which meant I should have eaten like a pauper, but I ate like a queen! No, a KING! Uhm, is there something bigger than a king's meal? That was MY meal! Hehe. And I wasn't able to take a photo because my focus was on eating. :p The shot below was taken after I was done with my food, right before I headed out. Yup, eat-and-run!

at the Bloom restaurant

Thanks again, Sun Life Philippines for this day out! You sure do know how to tug at a mommy's heartstrings.  Gotta get my policy real soon! :)


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