Thursday, July 27, 2017

Self-care Soothes The Soul

And for me today, self-care is taking a day off from work! :)

Sometimes, no matter how passionate and zealous we are about something, be it our motherhood or business or career, we just simply need to take a breather. We are humans --- not robots --- and our energy no matter how high, is finite. Admit it. There are days when you just feel like you want to stop doing and just be, di ba? I've been feeling that these past few days. I thought I needed some space from my daily routine and several times, I caught myself wishing to sleep just a little longer in the morning. Good thing, my calendar said there's no meeting or anything super duper kaduper urgent today in the office, so I filed for a VL. Yehey! This is self-care! :) I listened to myself before I even get to the point of no return --- burnout.
So how did I spend my midweek day-off?  Wala lang naman. And that's actually the point! =P


After I played with my baby in the morning, I took a long shower and headed out.  My feet were crying for some TLC!

Foot spa and pedicure at Nailaholics in SM Southmall

It's my habit not to eat rice on weekdays because I usually save all my appetite for the weekend.  But today, I did! :) With a matching reminder pa at this quirky cafe where I ate!

Beef brisket tapa flakes for lunch at Buku Buku Kafe

I felt sleepy after the heavy lunch so I decided to go back home for a nap.  But I didn't leave the mall without a little something for my precious. :) I bought my little daldal a toy telephone because she has a toy cash register which she plays like a landline. She would lift the scanner and talk on it saying, "Hello, busy? Okay, bye!"  Hehe.  

Lia: Hello daddy?
Lia: How's you day, daddy?
Lia: Good! =D


Now it's almost 5pm and the sun is about to set.  I feel... RECHARGED! I'm ready to face another day because I already got what I needed, just one free day. :)

How about you? What soothes your soul? Do it from time to time. You never know what it could save you from. :) For working moms, put your VLs to use! Don't say you never ever feel like singing Bruno Mars' The Lazy Song, not even once in your life? "Today I don't feel like doing anything, I just wanna lay in my bed..." La la la... Hehe. But of course you might have a different expression of self-love. Just remind yourself to do it every once in a while. :) 

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