Saturday, August 5, 2017

Daddy is Home

Before I was a wife and mom, I was first a daughter. A daughter to two wonderful people I was so blessed to have been assigned to, my mom and my dad.

The Parentals :)

I led a simple, middle-class life growing up in the province.  My mom has been a government employee ever since I can remember, and my dad, an engineer.  Half of my life, daddy was not with us as he worked out of the country where the grass, many people say, is greener. Though this was the case, I never felt incomplete because I was never, ever short of affection from my parents, even from overseas. :) Because of them, including my mabait na kuya, I grew up happy and grateful and in love with life.

My parents have always been healthy and strong, especially Daddy whose voice is always so loud na parang laging galit kahit nagpapaliwanag lang. Hehe. He's a handyman - if anything is broken, count on him to fix it. He's the type that never runs out of things to do whenever he's home.  Pukpok dito, pukpok doon.  Akyat-baba sa bubong. Paint whatever needs repainting. Tear down the old bakod  just to build it again.  That's my dad.  My hero, my Mr. Anything is Possible, and my Mr. Muscle.  Hehe.

Little Joycee and daddy decades ago :)

Until one day.  A few days before he turned 59.  My dad suffered from mild stroke primarily due to hypertension.  It was also found out that his heart is weak.  The right part of his body has gone numb, he has lost his balance and couldn't walk. He needed to stay at a hospital abroad until his condition was stable before he was allowed to travel back to the Philippines.  Those days of waiting felt like a long, bad dream.  It's extremely difficult and frustrating and sad. We couldn't do anything but wait. Meanwhile, I had to manage my mom, too, who was very down. She, too, is hypertensive. :(  For her, I had to look fine and strong and optimistic. I am the makulet one in the family after all.  I needed to be her tiny source of joy in those days. Although deep inside, hidden beneath my happy disposition, was a heartbroken daughter, holding on to faith and hope that God would give me the chance to still take care of my daddy and show him how much he is loved.

God answered our prayer and He delivered my daddy home safe and sound.  Maraming salamat, po, Lord! :) He's now with us, and though he's not the healthy version of himself yet, he doesn't look like he's weak at all!  He's even chubbier than the last time I saw him!  At malakas pa rin magsalita! Hehe.  He still cannot walk, but the doctors we've consulted all said he's gonna get there. Yehey!

Hello trash can! Hehe. :) Da best mag-angle talaga ang mommy ko! =))
Two pairs of chubby cheeks =D

I can't wait 'til my dad is walking and hopping and driving again, with no more traces of bad stuff in his system, like cholesterol and whatnot. Until then, I will take care of him and serve him the best way I can.  I love you, daddy!  I'm so happy you're home. :)


  1. Your baby looks so much like you! :) I found your blog looking for recommendations for Pediasure.


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