Monday, August 28, 2017

Like A Girl

What does the phrase "like a girl" mean to you?  Does it imply being weak and wimpy?  Does being maarte or needy or helpless come to mind?  I had never really given this any thought before I saw this #LikeAGirl video of P&G that went viral a few years back.

It's beautiful, noh? Really, when did being like a girl become an insult? Girls are strong and able and smart and are definitely equal to their boy counterparts.  Girls may not be as big and brawny physically as most boys, but this does not mean they are not as tough.  Even the tiniest and sweetest ones can surprise you!  Just watch this recent Belo Baby ad and you'll see. :)

It's amazing how that sweet teen can lift like that!  The parkour girl also impressed me with her dangerous stunts! And the chubby one? She's someone to watch out for in the boxing ring! :) And that pretty-faced small girl, too.  She just transforms when she hits the drums.  Ang galing nila! Truly, they are proof that pink and pretty and girly don't mean frail and feeble and faint.  

Let's empower girls more by spreading eye-opening materials like these.  It is our hope that one day, we will wake up to the world where there's equality not only in gender but also in race, religion, or sexual orientation.  What a lovely world that will be. šŸ’—

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