Thursday, October 5, 2017

Superman is 35! šŸŽ‚

Today, my very own Superman is celebrating his 35th birthday, yaaaay! Happy birthday, hubby! šŸ’—

Why is he Superman for me? Because he has amazing superpowers!

The power to make me feel complete and contented and blissful.
I am one happy wife because of my husband. He always makes me feel appreciated, even when I’m at my ugliest and biggest. ClichĆ© as this may sound, but he is the other half that makes me whole. No other 1/2 around can be the ½ for me. Our life is simple, but it is beautiful. Not every day is perfect, but every day is a good day. 

The power to make our Lia happy and excited in a snap every day.
I can never ask for a more perfect daddy for my baby. Lia adores her dad so much, and she’s happier when he’s around. She feels giddy when Rolly lifts her as they pretend to fly across the room. Sometimes they dance like dorks and my hubby doesn’t care. :) Just merely looking at how they are together makes my heart full.

The power to make me love life more.
I met Rolly when I was 22, and life has been a lot more meaningful ever since. His perpetually grateful heart has taught me to appreciate every single blessing that comes our way and to remember that there are always wonderful things ahead. Together, we have planted and nurtured dreams in our hearts that keep us inspired every day. Life with him is just good. Really good.


We love you to bits, our Man of Steel! šŸ‘Ø‍šŸ‘©‍šŸ‘§ ❤️  Keep flying! šŸ’—

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