Saturday, February 24, 2018

Of Stage Moms and Superstar Babies

I consider myself a stage mom.  Not the annoying, overbearing type but the kind of mom who sees the potential in her child and helps him/her share that with the world.  For instance, my little Lia loooves to sing and she has an incredible knack for memorizing song lyrics.  What I do is I capture those moments when she's singing in her funny, kiddie-husky way, and share it with my friends on social media.  A mamarazzi, that's what I am.šŸ“ø I feel good when people notice and compliment my child, she's like a badge of honor that I proudly wear on my sleeve.šŸ’—

There are many different kinds of mothers, and each one is at a different level of 'stage motherhood,'  whether they would like to admit it or not.  I mean, what parent doesn't want the world to fuss over her kid, right? To every mom, her child is a star.⭐ That's why she makes sure her little one is always fresh, huggable, and kissable, constantly ready to face the world - at home, in school, in the middle of play, in church, at the supermarket, anytime and anywhere! Belo Baby understands this, and that's why it has its superstar line of products that lets the parent achieve just that --- make her baby a star in his/her own right, just like Scarlet Snow!šŸ˜Š

Friday, February 2, 2018

Folic Acid Saves the Day!

Are you pregnant? Trying to conceive? Chances are, your OB would have already told you to start taking folic acid. Months before our first little bun Lia started baking in my oven, I was already taking it.šŸ‘¶ And now that we’re TTC again, folic is back to being my daily buddy. 

What is folic and why is it important? 

Folic Acid is a B vitamin, and countless studies have shown that it has important health benefits for moms-to-be and their babies, especially if it’s started months before the mommy conceives. šŸ‘
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