Friday, February 2, 2018

Folic Acid Saves the Day!

Are you pregnant? Trying to conceive? Chances are, your OB would have already told you to start taking folic acid. Months before our first little bun Lia started baking in my oven, I was already taking it.šŸ‘¶ And now that we’re TTC again, folic is back to being my daily buddy. 

What is folic and why is it important? 

Folic Acid is a B vitamin, and countless studies have shown that it has important health benefits for moms-to-be and their babies, especially if it’s started months before the mommy conceives. šŸ‘

According to, folic acid reduces the risk of: 
  • Neural tube defects by up to a whopping 70%. šŸ˜® These include spina bifida (incomplete development of the spinal cord or vertebrae) and anencephaly (incomplete development of the brain). 
  • Miscarriage. Research has shown that because of folic acid deficiency, some women have difficulty getting or staying pregnant. 
  • Preterm labor. One study showed that women who took Folic acid for at least a year before getting pregnant cut their chances of preterm labor by 50% more. šŸ˜®
  • Congenital heart defects. 
  • Gestational diabetes 
  • Autism in the baby 
O, diba? Folic Acid is truly a pregnancy superhero!!! šŸŒŸ

How much folic acid should you take? 

The recommended daily intake for all women of childbearing age is at least 400 mcg, but the requirement jumps up to 600-800 mcg during pregnancy. If you have a family history of neural-tube defects, the recommended intake should be much more, about 4,000 mcg daily. 

What are the folic acid brands available in the Philippines and how much? 

I went to both Mercury Drug and Watsons yesterday, 2018 February 01, and below is the list of available brands and their prices, in no particular order: 

Folart 5mg
Price: PhP 9.25/capsule 

Purifol 5mg 
Price: 9.25/capsule 

Maxifol 5mg 
Price: 6.35/capsule 

Foladin 5mg 
Price: 7/tablet 

Folicard 5mg 
Price: 7 to 7.50/capsule 

Iberet Folic 500
Price: 24.25 to 24.75/tablet 

All brands, except Iberet Folic, contain 5mg of pure folic acid, and that’s equivalent to 5000 mcg! šŸ˜® Iberet Folic, on the other hand, is a multivitamin with 800 mcg of folic. Personally, I take Iberet Folic because aside from the fact that it was recommended by my OB, it contains just the right amount of folic acid (plus other vitamins like iron, calcium, vitamins B 3, B2, B6, and B12). I think 5000 mcg of pure folic is way too much, considering that I only need 800 mcg max. There are varying opinions whether you could or could not take too much folic. Some say you could not, since it is water-soluble and you body will just flush out the excess. Other articles, on the other hand, say one should not take more than 1,000 mcg of folic acid a day, unless specifically instructed by the doctor, as too much folic can hide signs of vitamin B12 deficiency and this can cause nerve damage. At any rate, my decision is to stick to the safer, albeit a little more expensive, Iberet Folic. 

How about you, mamas? No matter which brand you choose, as long as we’re getting enough folic acid, we and our babies will be fine. It’s better to have more than enough than none at all. šŸ˜Š


  1. Hi, wala po bang brand na may 400 mcg lang?

    1. Hello! :) From my scan locally, it seems like there's no brand with only 400 mcg of pure folic. :(

  2. I'm trying to get pregnant, what product should I try?

  3. kelan po mag stop taking folic acid? Thank you!

  4. Hi sis. Ttc kmi ng hubby ko. My pcos ako at kasali ako sa mga groups regarding sa usapang pagbubuntis and nabasa ko nga about folic acid. Now I’m taking glutathione along with vitamin c. Pde kaya akong mgtake ng folic acid? Kasabay ba ng gluta at vit c or dapat my interval? Thanks sis.

  5. Ma'am and pong brand and pwede Kong itake na folic acid? I'm trying to concieve a baby.. thank u

  6. Try niyo e take yung atc grape seed oil. May pcos din ako nung nag take ako niyan nabuntis ako. Try niyo din.

  7. Hi. Nabasa ko sa article na too much folic acid may cause autism sa baby. Nkabli dn ako 5mg na folic acid. Pero iniisp ko if mag shift nln aq sa smaller dose ng folic since d q pa nman nainom un nabili ko.. mabbli ba un iberet kht walang prescription? Thanks

    1. Yes, Iberet is sold over the counter. No prescription needed. :)

  8. Gudeve po.Pde po ba siya
    i take khit my period?tnx

  9. Hi po im trying to concieve .what should i take po.tia

  10. Hello, can i take iberret folic and metformin 500mg at the same time . I was scanned to have pcos. do you have blog related to this ? thanks.

  11. Have u heard of belta folic acid? Is it safe?

  12. Hi po, matagal na po kami ng hubby ko pro Wala pa po KAMING baby, Wala rin po KAMING control. ano po ba ang pwd naming e. take na folic acid


  13. Hi there! my history po ako ng multiple congenital anomalies yung eldest ko, so it means need ko mgtake ng 4000 mcg daily base sa nbasa ko po? tama po? nkakatakot maulit sa totoo lng. Kaya before ako mapreggy ulit lahat ireresearch ng makakabuti. Thanks a lot nkita ko to :)

  14. ang iberet folic po ba ang best iintake para mbuntis??

  15. hi there, my ob recommended also iberet when im pregnant. much better kahit mas mahal...

  16. anong folic acid ang iinumin ko kase matagal na kami ng hubby ko pero hindi pa ako nabubuntis?

  17. hello po , anu po bang folic pede in take para mabuntis un di na need ng reseta po?

  18. hello po may severe poly cystic syndrome or (PCos) and gusto na po namen ng asawa ko magkaanak kame , gusto ko na po magbuntis ano pong maganda Folic Acid and pwede saken? which is hindi po talaga ako nagkakaperiod, pwede nalang kung iinum ako ng pills.

  19. Hi there have u heard and who tried taking of belta folic acid? Is it safe?


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