Thursday, March 22, 2018

First Bumpie with Baby Number 2

Dumpling and I are 8 weeks + 3 days along today, and here is our very first bumpie!šŸ¤°šŸ»

He’s much bigger than his ate when Lia was at this same gestational age. Actually, with this pregnancy, I really noticed that I showed much earlier, and my tummy is much, much bigger. Google says it’s because after the first pregnancy, the skin, muscles, and surrounding ligaments have already been stretched, so they are already looser when you get pregnant the second time around. šŸ¤°šŸ»šŸ¤°šŸ»

Wooooh! I wonder how round I’ll be in my second and third trimester! šŸŽˆ


  1. Hi joyce congrats on baby number two :) but can you email me the amount of your delivery in asian on your first baby? I just want to be prepared. Thanks


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