Friday, May 25, 2018

Dream Come True ⭐

It was last September when Dream Number 2 was officially kicked off. And a little over than 7 months later, we’re finally “living in that dream” --- our house is finished and we’ve already moved in! Yippee! Thank You Lord! šŸ™

Dreams really do come true if you turn them into prayers as you work hard in achieving them.  We can't thank the Lord enough for His provisions that made our timeline to this dream much, much shorter.  My husband and I initially said we would be building our dream home before we're fifty, but with the Lord's help, we did so when Rolly's 35 and I am 32.šŸ˜

Thank You so much, Lord! šŸ™ We are very, very happy!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Becoming a Mother of Two

I've heard some of my friends say that the struggles of motherhood truly begin when you've already got more than one kid. I never really understood it until now that I'm pregnant, and I'd even push the statement a little further.  Because for me, it has begun even before officially becoming a mother of two. With baby Dumpling in my tummy and my hyperactive threenager constantly shadowing me, oh boy, the struggle is already real.šŸ˜®

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Dumpling Updates

The past several weeks have been very busy and were quite a blur, I wasn’t able to write anything about our little lovey even if I wanted to. Now that I’ve been mandated to rest, I finally got the time. 

So how’s our little dumpling?šŸ’–

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