Thursday, May 24, 2018

Becoming a Mother of Two

I've heard some of my friends say that the struggles of motherhood truly begin when you've already got more than one kid. I never really understood it until now that I'm pregnant, and I'd even push the statement a little further.  Because for me, it has begun even before officially becoming a mother of two. With baby Dumpling in my tummy and my hyperactive threenager constantly shadowing me, oh boy, the struggle is already real.šŸ˜®

For the second time this month, I've been put on bed rest because of spotting. Maraming bawal so I'm stuck in the bedroom.  My OB advised that I lie down as much as possible, but with my little girl around, that is #MissionImpossible. She wants me to do a lot of things with her, like run around, go up and down the stairs, walk outside to the playground, etc... but I can't. I just let her sit on my lap, even if the doctor told me not to. Haaay. I am with Lia every second but I'm also missing her every second.šŸ˜”

Now I understand why my mom didn't have as many photos when she's pregnant with me than she did when she's carrying my kuya in her tummy.  I also didn't have as many baby pictures as my brother did.  I used to be sad about that, I even thought I was adopted hehe.  But now I get it. I super get it.šŸ’”

Though being a mom of more than one could be a challenge, of course I also anticipate the joys it will bring.  There will be double the laughter, double the hugs and kisses, double the love.  Yup, that would mean double the chaos too, but that's fine.  Where's the fun in having a house that's spic-and-span, with no happy kids running around?  I can't wait for Dumpling to arrive, I'm sure he will be as adorable as his ate Lia here.

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