Thursday, May 3, 2018

Dumpling Updates

The past several weeks have been very busy and were quite a blur, I wasn’t able to write anything about our little lovey even if I wanted to. Now that I’ve been mandated to rest, I finally got the time. 

So how’s our little dumpling?šŸ’–

Three Saturdays ago, April 14, I finally heard his heartbeat via Doppler! We were 11 weeks and 5 days along then. For days and weeks before that, I was somehow getting paranoid. Is he still here in my tummy? Why am I not feeling anything? Why don’t I feel pregnant sometimes? Unlike his ate Lia, Dumpling is just so chill and so cool, it’s as if he doesn’t exist at all. He’s so mabait that he doesn’t want to add up to our busy-ness, that’s why he’s playing low key. The only thing that makes me feel pregnant is the insatiable hunger. No nausea, no throwing up, no paglilihi, no nothing. 

After knowing for sure that Dumpling’s okay that day, I guess I’ve become complacent again. I got caught up with all the tasks at home and at work, not to mention our extra to-do's because we just transferred to our new home (but that’s another story). I would go up and down the steps like I’m not pregnant, I would carry Lia when she’s making lambing, and we would walk around the village like there’s no tomorrow. I guess Dumpling felt the need to make his presence felt and he wanted me to slow down, that’s why last Sunday, Rolly and I had our first scare - I had spotting.šŸ˜¢ It’s like Dumpling saying, “Hey mom! I’m still here just in case you’ve forgotten! Think of me, please!” 

Rolly and I immediately went to the doctor for a checkup, and the ultrasound thankfully showed that he’s doing fine, with a strong heartbeat.šŸ˜Š He’s already gotten bigger compared to our 7-week scan, and he’s looking more and more like a tiny human (instead of looking like a shapeless blimp he used to be). 

Haaay, I really have to slow down and keep in mind that I am carrying precious life inside me. Thanks for the reminder, Dumpling! I'm sorry if mommy's been bustling lately. I promise to take it easy from now on. I love you! 

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