Friday, June 22, 2018

Glucose Test Round 2

Three and a half years ago, I wrote about my "glucose challenge" when I was pregnant with Lia.  And now that I'm preggers with Dumpling, I just went thru another glucose test!  It happened last Saturday, 16th of June.

The process this time wasn't exactly the same as my first, though I still had to fast for 8-10 hours prior to the blood extraction.  When I got to the lab at Asian Hospital, I was given this super cold glucose drink that I had to drink within 5 minutes while the nurse was watching. They say others can't stand how sweet this tastes, but to me, it was easy-peasy!šŸ‘Œ I think I finished it in less than a minute!  Hehe.  It just tasted like sweet samalamig without the gulaman, yuuum! 

After the drink was finished, I had to wait for an hour before blood could be extracted from me.  It's different from the last time when I waited for two hours and my blood was extracted two times.  I wonder why.  But that's the way it went this time.

A few hours after, the results came out, and woohoo, I passed!  Pasang-awa though.  I was a couple of hair strands away from flunking. What did my OB say?  Diet-diet nang konti! šŸ˜’ Waaaah, this one's challenging!

So there you go!  By the way, the test only costs P750 at Asian Hospital, just in case anyone might be interested. šŸ™‚

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