Friday, June 22, 2018

Lia's First Day of Real School

June 18 was a milestone for our little Lia --- it was her first day of ‘real school’!šŸ˜ Waaaah, how time flies! Now, she already wears a uniform and her classes are daily. Truly, a legit schoolgirl our daughter already is. šŸ’–

Days before the first day, she was extremely excited! She’d always say, “Let’s go to school, mommy!” I would push her excitement even more by telling her there are lots of toys at school and she would meet and play with new friends. In the morning of June 18, she happily wore her uniform, even waving as she descended the stairs. Ang cute!šŸŒž Then off she went to school.

Things quickly turned around when Lia realized the parents and yaya couldn’t be inside the classroom with her.šŸ˜” She cried and cried and cried, just like the rest of the other kids who were as equally shocked as she was. I guess that’s the summary of her first day – CRYING. Hehe. But we were assured by the school directress and the teachers that it’s very normal. In fact, they expect the crying to last for the entire month of June as the kids slowly get adjusted to their new routine and environment.

Expectation vs. Reality. Hehehe.

Today is Friday, the last day of Lia’s first week. I am pleased to report that her crying has waned, and now she already mingles with her classmates.šŸ‘ In fact, we got this message from her teacher when Rolly asked how Lia was doing. 

Haay buti naman. Our Lia is so smart that we know she’ll get the hang of it soon.  Here's our little schoolgirl and her hodgepodge of stories about her day at school.šŸŒž

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