Friday, June 15, 2018

Pietro or Patria? 👶

Dumpling and I are 20 weeks and 4 days along today, and if I go get an ultrasound scan now, we can already find out his/her gender! Waaaah, we're super excited to know already! Everyone guesses/wishes that it's a boy this time, since our firstborn Lia is a girl.  Sabi nila, para quota na.  With Lia before, I knew in my heart I wanted a girl.  But this time, I honestly don't have a secret wish.  As long as s/he is healthy and normal and 'happycute'  like Lia, then it's perfect.💓
In 2014, I wrote about the telltale signs in predicting whether it's team blue or team pink one's gonna have (read it here), and I even compared it with my own symptoms at that time. In my head I was sure it's a boy, but lo and behold, it's a little dollie in my tummy!👶 With Dumpling, my forecast says we'll be needing some balls and bats in the house --- yes, another boy prediction.  Why? This pregnancy is making me utterly ugly, seriously!  My skin is unbelievably oily which makes it erupt with pimples I can't count, my neck and intimate areas have gone dark, and my appetite has gone cray-cray, like I'm feeding a soccer team inside my stomach.  People say you're having a boy if you're not pregnant-and-pretty, and that's how I am.  Either that or pangit lang talaga akong magbuntis.  Hehe.

I'm hoping my doctor will give me an order to do a scan soon so that we can finally know and put an end to all the guessing!  But either way, we've thought of names already.  Pietro something if Dumpling is a boy; Patria something if she's a girl. Exciting times!!!🤩  It it gonna be Pietro or Patria?  We all just have to wait and see. 


  1. C'mon Pietro...get out of that shell soon :) Congratulations! Godbless <><

  2. good,Day my babby boy dont like food.


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