Thursday, July 5, 2018

Dumpling’s Congenital Anomaly Scan

Last Tuesday was my birthday, and it was also the day when we had Dumpling’s CAS (congenital anomaly scan) scheduled. My husband and I were supposed to go on a road trip to Tagaytay, but I changed my mind because I knew that on my birthday, the gift I wanted to receive is the knowledge that our baby is doing well in my tummy. Thank God there was still an available slot at Asian Hospital, so off we went. 

I couldn’t stress enough how important CAS, also called mid-pregnancy ultrasound, is. Like what I wrote in an old post, this scan is much more thorough than a regular ultrasound as it takes a closer look at the baby and the uterus. As the name suggests, it could detect any anomaly in the womb and the baby that parents might need to prepare for, if any. It sounds pretty scary, but can also be reassuring for worrywart moms like me. 

The sonologist was Dr. Nanette Laurente, and I highly recommend her! She took her time checking every single part of Dumpling, and she patiently explained everything to us --- what she’s looking at and what it meant. For example, when she was examining the fluid at the back of Dumpling’s neck, she said that an abnormality here may indicate Down Syndrome for the baby. Same goes if the length of the legs is not appropriate for the gestational age. Thank God our little baby is in perfect shape! No anomaly was spotted, everything was fine and normal. And like I mentioned in another post, we found out that Dumpling is a boy! What a great, great birthday gift for me and our family!

Thank You thank You, Lord! 

P.S. CAS at Asian Hospital costs P3,800. 😊

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