Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Little Man in 3D and 4D

Ever since I got pregnant for the second time, I've always wondered how baby number 2 would look like.  Will he be a carbon copy of his sister, or will they look like they're not siblings at all? Will hubby's chinky eyes win this time, or will it still be my peepers? Well, after we saw Dumpling in 3D and 4D ultrasound last weekend, we now have a clue!👶

Look at the little man!

Little Dumpling

Now look at Lia's scan when she was still inside my tummy.

Little Munchkin aka Lia

Don't they look very alike?  Dumpling is just like the boy version of his ate, at least now that his eyes are still closed.  The big surprise will come when we finally see him in the flesh. I'm guessing he will be a chinito, but I'm wishing the eyebrows would still be mine and not hubby's. Hehehe.

Several weeks more to go, my little boy! 

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