Monday, September 24, 2018

Almost 35 Weeks

Dear Dumpling,

Tomorrow, we'll be clocking in at 35 weeks already!🤰🏻 I gave birth to your ate Lia at 37 weeks, so I can't help but wonder if you're coming out at 37, too.  Perhaps you will? Because my belly looks like I'm way past due already! This bump you're making is incredibly huge that people always get the impression I'm about to pop any time.🎈  Are you humongous, my love?  The ultrasound says you're just the right size, unless you've accumulated heaps of fat after the scan.  To be honest, I am a little scared that I might need to deliver you via CS.  Huhuhu.  I hope not.  But if that's how God wants you to come into this world, then so be it.  As long as you are healthy and normal and happy, then it's perfect.💓

You know, mom's not been feeling fine lately.😢 My back has been aching like crazy, I couldn't stand for several minutes straight, and it's hard for me to find the right position in bed so I could sleep.  I also cannot breathe well, it always feels like there's something heavy on my chest.  And my bladder feels full every minute of every day! The discomfort is a lot more now than when I was carrying ate Lia, but again, that’s fine. Every pregnancy is unique, and this set is uniquely ours, my darling.

Stay there for at least a couple of weeks more, alright? Your dad, I, and ate Lia are very eager to meet you. We promise that you will not feel any shortage of love and affection in our family.😍 Hugs & kisses, Dumpling!


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