Friday, October 12, 2018

A Price Survey of Milk Brands for Kids 3 Years and Up

Are you a mom like me whose kid is over 3? Then you know the choices out there when it comes to milk. Though there are many factors when deciding the milk brand for your kid, there's no denying that price is a consideration.šŸ’° Since I was at the supermarket yesterday and doing price surveys is just routine in my line of work, I thought of doing a scan of milk price tags for the benefit of moms who want to do cost comparisons but don't have the time.

In no particular order:

Disclaimer: Photos from Google Images.
Price Survey done at SM Supermarket, SM Southmall.
Date: October 11, 2018
Some photos do not match the actual SKU size I surveyed so it's better
to refer to the caption than the picture. ;)

Pediasure Plus (Preschool Age)
1.6kg: PhP 1,899.50
1.2kg: PhP 1,347.50
850g: PhP 1,099.50
Enfagrow A+ Four
1.8kg: PhP 1,574.50
1.2kg: PhP 1,164.50
Similac Gain School Four
1.8kg: PhP 1,524.50
1.2kg: PhP 1,129.50
Nankid Optipro Four
1.3kg: PhP 877.50
700g: 532.50
Promil Gold Four
1.8kg: PhP 1,479.50
1.2kg: PhP 1,054.50
Promil Four
1.8kg: PhP 1,254.50
1.2kg: PhP 854.50
Nido Advanced Protectus 3+
1.6kg: PhP 729.50
1.2kg: PhP 567.50
Lactum 3+
2kg: PhP 979.50
1.2kg: PhP 681.50
Nestokid Four
700g: PhP 344.50
Bonakid Pre-School
1.6kg: PhP 782.50
1.2kg: PhP 574.50

As you know, the SKU sizes per milk brand differ. To judge the prices easily, below is the apples-to-apples comparison using each one's cost for every 100g. Arranged from the most to the least expensive:

Hope this helps! šŸ˜‡
(P.S. I also did a survey of milk for babies 1-3 years old, but that's some time ago already.  It's here just in case.)

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