Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Giving Birth at Asian Hospital

When I gave birth to our firstborn Lia, the choice of hospital was easy from the beginning. It was my first time then and we wanted D-day to happen at Asian Hospital so we wouldn’t have anything to worry about - the facilities were state-of-the-art and we knew the medical team would give me and the baby the best care possible. This time with our second baby, I entertained the idea of giving birth at another hospital for practical reasons. Hubby shot down the suggestion, however, and he won. Asian might cost us an arm and a leg again, but it’s worth the peace of mind, he said. 

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In 2015, I gave birth to Lia via NSD (normal spontaneous delivery). She was a perfectly healthy newborn without need for any special care, and she roomed in with us the whole time. Our hospital stay then was only 3 days. (Read her birth story here.) Three and a half years later, I gave birth to Rocco and the circumstances were very different. First, it was a caesarian delivery. Second, though Rocco was generally healthy, he had to stay at the NICU for 3 days because of his high respiratory rate. And third, we were at the hospital for 8 days because he had to complete his antibiotics. (Read his birth story here.) If giving birth to Lia cost us an arm and a leg, giving birth to Rocco cost us both arms and both legs and probably even the torso!šŸ˜² Hahaha. But again, no regrets! What’s important is we were able to bring home a wonderful baby boy and we knew we gave him the best hospital stay in the first week of his life outside my womb. 

Are you planning to give birth at Asian, too? Read my blog entry, Touring Asian Hospital, to guide you on what to do and what to expect on D-day. If you're curious about the the amount we shelled out for both deliveries, let me know by typing in the comment box below and I'll share it with you.šŸ’•


  1. how much cost of giving birth at asian hospital via ca

  2. Hi Joyce, read your blog and it's really helpful..i'm planning to deliver at Asian, would it be possible to provide me the cost and also any recommended email is you and congratulations ☺


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