Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Lia Meets Rocco

Being the only child for 3 years and a half, we had always wondered how Lia would react once she sees her baby brother in the flesh. When Rocco was still in my tummy, Lia's feelings about him were erratic. Sometimes she'd say she loves him, other times she won't answer when asked. Hehe.  We tried explaining things to her about her soon-to-be-born brother, that she would soon be an ate. We also made her watch episodes of Daniel Tiger where Daniel's mom became pregnant and gave birth to his baby sister. Slowly but surely, we felt she understood to a certain extent, and somehow, we felt she was ready.

Then came D-day when Rocco was finally allowed to room in with us at the hospital.  Hubby immediately went home to get Lia, we were very excited about their first meetup! šŸ‘§šŸ‘¶ How did it go?  Watch this. šŸ“¹

Lia was happy to see her baby brother! She even brought some of her little toys because she said she would share them with him. Looking at them together for the first time was heartwarming, it was then that the reality of being a family of four has truly sunk in.  Our first baby love is already an ate, and Dumpling who used to be in my tummy is now a tiny human being out in this world, our second baby love! Surreal! ⭐

Family is truly a gift that lasts forever, and I am just very grateful that our precious unit is now complete. Thank You, Lord! šŸ™šŸ»

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