Friday, December 28, 2018

Life-changing 2018

If there’s one word to describe this year that’s about to end, it’s life-changing.✨ A lot of big things happened that made me say so, both externally and internally. Jesus, as usual, has blessed us with so much more than we deserve, and I'm listing down the best three below.

  • New House🏡 Since April 2015, we’ve been using a new address. Yup, we finally moved to our newly constructed house. Months leading to this were quite busy, stressful, and costly, but the Lord saw us through. We did the house blessing with our family, and housewarming parties with our closest friends soon after. Ang saya saya!

  • New Baby👶 Our cutest blessing this year arrived in October, and that’s our baby boy Rocco. He is an angel, never turning mom and dad into zombies due to sleep deprivation and exhaustion. He just wakes up when he wants to feed and cuddle, and is easily pacified. Very mabait! 

  • Renewed Vows💐My husband and I didn’t have an official renewal of vows, but we had a renewal of commitment when we attended the Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend in Tagaytay last September. 2018 has not been the merriest for our marriage, maybe because we’re past the honeymoon stage and we had certainly felt it with all the stressful #adulting stuff that we were busy with. The Weekend, however, turned it around. We learned a lot about the value of true communication and how to practice it. We also met like-minded couples who, ultimately, want the best for their marriage and the family.

2018 also threw in a lot of serious realizations and lessons. I was reminded of the value of prayer and having Jesus front and center in our lives. I learned the real meaning of forgiveness, humility, and faithfulness in our family. And I’ve come to realize that things indeed change, it’s how we accept these changes and adapt to them that matter. 

Has 2018 been a good year? Yes and No. I’m very grateful for the things that made it good. For the not-so-good, it’s only comforting to know that they are part of God’s grand plan. I may not understand why they happened and I might go crazy trying to figure out the reason, but knowing that it's Jesus who put those stumbling blocks there gives me peace. I know I'm still on track. So thank You. Thank You, Lord.🙏🏻

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