Saturday, December 22, 2018

Our Graceful Little Dancer

Last week, Lia danced in front of a big crowd for the very first time!šŸ˜™ It was their school's annual Christmas program held at Tanghalang Haribon inside Insular Life Building in Alabang. Rolly and I were extremely proud!šŸ˜ Watch the video below, she's the graceful girl in front, right side.

The day before, they did a dress rehearsal but Lia wasn't able to finish it.  She was sent home early because she had a fever and was shivering.šŸ¤’ We actually thought she wouldn't make it to the program the following day, but thank God she did!  She was well when she got up that morning as if nothing happened.  The thing was, she said she didn't want to dance.  She was refusing when it was dressing up time.  At the venue, she was crying when I brought her backstage.  My husband and I really weren't expecting that Lia would dance at all with that mood, we just wanted her there onstage so at least we could take a photo of her in costume. Imagine our surprise when the music started and there she was, dancing and enjoying!  I cried buckets! Huhu. My heart was so full I couldn't hold back my tears even after their number.šŸ’– Waaaah, I can't explain the feeling!

Dear Lia, thank you so much for that feeling of pride that you gave mom and dad! Now we are very excited about all the other performances that you will do in the future.  Know that we're just here to support you, whatever you choose to do. We love you, baby!

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