Thursday, December 13, 2018

Rocco at Two Months

Happy 2nd month, our bochog baby! šŸ·  I must say, your weight gain is impressive! Hehe. Those chubby cheeks have started to swell after you're past month one, and you're looking cuter and cuter by the day. Squishy yummy!šŸ˜

Aside from you getting heavier, you're also getting noisier. Every stretch and wiggle comes with grunts and squeals, to the point that your ate Lia is sometimes roused from sleep.šŸ¤£

Your eyes are no longer glassy.šŸ‘€  You can focus now whenever we talk to you, and you tend to stare a lot, especially at me, during our feeding moments.  Your smiles are also getting more and more frequent!šŸ˜€  Not sure if that's still a muscle reflex, or if you are truly emotionally responding already. We're over the moon whenever you flash that toothless grin. Very pogi!

This month, I stopped putting on your mittens since I regularly cut your nails anyway and  I read somewhere that babies learn from the tactile experience of touching different textures. When we said goodbye to your mittens, that's also when we noticed that your fingers are like mine, not like your dad's and ate Lia's.šŸ–️  Kambal talaga tayo, baby Rocco!

We eagerly await more of your milestones, honey. But no rush, okay? We love you! šŸ’™

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