Saturday, February 9, 2019

Lia & Rocco

It's a joy having two kids. Pre-Rocco, I could not imagine not having my full attention on Lia alone, but now that this second baby is here, I can no longer remember how it felt not having a little boy to love. Lia and Rocco fill my heart with so much bliss, and I can't imagine living life without them.  It can be exhausting sometimes --- no, every single day --- but my husband and I won't have it any other way.

Aren't our two kids cute? šŸ˜
Lia on the left, Rocco on the right.
With their lovely pedia, Dr. Nik Lombos.

Lia and Rocco are two peas in different pods.šŸ˜‚  They don't look alike as seen in the photo above, yet you know they are siblings.  Lia got everything from her dad, except her eyes which are mine, while Rocco got most, if not all, of his features from my side of the family.  At three months, both of them are very round, but as you may very well know, Lia lost all the infant fats before she turned one, and she's now one skinny little lady. Rocco, on the other had, has been chubby since birth, and it looks like he doesn't have any plans on losing his extra rolls anytime soon. Mana nga sakin! šŸ˜¹

Haaay, our babies... During my most tired moments, I wish for the two of them to already grow up so they'll be less dependent and will already be able do things on their own.  But moments like right now when I feel peaceful (because both of them are sleeping lol), I wish to freeze time so they could stay this little forever --- both their worlds revolve around mommy and daddy only, with hearts so pure and love so unconditional.  But this is not Neverland, and we know that Lia and Rocco will definitely grow up one day.  So for now, we will embrace the mess, pacify them when they cry, and overcome every tantrum with a patient sigh.  So when they do grow up, they will remember how mommy and daddy have always loved them so much.šŸ’•

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