Friday, March 22, 2019

A Letter To My Kid’s First Teacher

It's the last week of Lia's school year. And while I was reflecting on how her first year as a preschooler flew by so fast, I thought of writing a letter to her teacher, Teacher Emy, which Lia gave last Tuesday.


Dear Teacher Emy,

We’re a couple of days shy from the end of the school year, and before our Riella says her final goodbye to her first teacher, we are writing to you to express our gratefulness to you and for you. 

Thank you, teacher Emy. The first several months were especially difficult. It was the very first time Lia has had a life outside our home. It was the first time she stepped into the world without her daddy and mommy, and we felt how scary it was for her. The struggle was real. She would cry while taking a shower. She would cry as we carried her to the school bus. She would cry on her way to school. And the crying would continue until class hours. It would only stop the moment she knew she was already going home. 

Lia's first day at school, shot in between tears.
This whole time, you have been there. We would see snapshots of you holding our Lia’s hand during school activities. You would carry her, comfort her, tell her it’s okay. You would patiently talk to her, convince her to no longer cry, and eventually, make her realize that school is fun and that her classmates are her friends. With you by her side, our little girl was able to adjust, little by little, until that day she came home and she couldn’t stop talking about you. She would tell us she loves you, and she would repeat to us the words you probably told her. “No more tears, okay Riella?”:) That moment, we knew she has already transitioned and she’s finally okay. She’s back to her old, bibo and madaldal self. Our firstborn was back to being happy. And she couldn’t have done so without your limitless patience and love. 

Lia's the only one crying during a learning session about firefighters

Thank you, teacher Emy. We feel that words cannot accurately say how blessed we think Lia is for having you as her first real teacher. We are beyond grateful that God has assigned you to her. Because of you, Lia believes that school is a fun and safe place. Because of you, Lia thinks that all teachers are patient and kind and loving. You have made such a huge impact in this little girl’s life. 

Mindbuilders is so fortunate to have you. If all teachers were like you, maybe the world would be a much better place. :) May you be a blessing to more and more little lives in the years to come. God bless you, teacher Emy!

Rolly and Joyce Delos Reyes
Parents of Riella, Mozart Juniors 1


I was teary-eyed as I wrote this letter.  I witnessed how my little girl developed from being a crybaby who never wanted to go out of the house for school, to a very excited and expressive preschooler who loves to sing and dance even in front of a big crowd during school activities.  All thanks to her second mom whom she found at Mindbuilders, teacher Emy. It's true, to teach is to touch a life forever, and it takes a big heart to shape little minds.  I'm very thankful for teacher Emy's big heart that touched not only Lia's but our lives, too. We will forever be grateful. ❤️

Teacher Emy's IG Story :)
My Lia (center) is bidding the school year goodbye with a smile :)

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