Thursday, March 28, 2019

Lia Turns Four

Today, our first baby love LIA is celebrating her 4th birthday.šŸŽ‚ Oh how fast you’ve grown, darling! What used to be our little ray of sunshine is now a hyper super girl who is bursting with so much spunk and spirit!šŸ’“

The last 12 months has been quite eventful for you, love. You’ve started school and became a big sister... major life changes that required so much from such a small child. Thank you for handling it well, baby.šŸ¤—

At four, your language skills have already advanced to a great extent!šŸ—£️ You speak long sentences now, and your grammar is very good at your age. Even at school, your highest grades are those related to verbal communication. I guess you got that from your dad. There’s not a day that you two do not exchange stories, and I guess that has expanded your command of the language a lot. Very good!šŸ‘

You are also a fast reader!šŸ“– You can already read long paragraphs and short stories by yourself. If you are familiar with a certain word, we can be sure you can read it. But if you’re seeing it for the first time and have no idea what it means, that’s when you get it wrong. For instance, when you and your dad are at the supermarket, you saw these words: “PREMIUM MILK.” You attempted to read the phrase and said “Program Milk.” Hehe. Funny. We love the fact that like us, you love reading. Books excite you! The first book that you have ever read without our help is Goldilocks and the Three Bears. It’s a joy watching you make out each word and read it correctly. Nakaka-proud!šŸ˜

You, our firstborn, are getting more and more expressive by the day. When you talk, your face makes a lot of amusing expressions!šŸ˜ø You are very animated when you tell stories, complete with big gestures. Nakakatawa and nakakatuwa. You are very sweet, darling. When you see us come home, you would say, “I missed you Mom/Dad!” When you see that we are about to leave, you also express sadness, which usually breaks our heart. “Don’t leave, daddy. You stay.” Huhu. You’re a sweet big sister to Rocco, too! You always touch him lovingly while calling him “Batchoy.” When he cries, you say “Why are you crying Rocco? Do you want me? Ate Lia’s here.” You also report when he’s drooling or sucking his hand so we could do something about it, and it just melts my heart each time. Thank you, ate Lia. 

At four, this is the season of Disney princesses for you.šŸ‘ø You know every single princess there is and can sing each one’s song by heart (with feelings, papikit-pikit pa). Your current favorite is Mulan, but the previous months, you were so into Moana and Elsa and Anna. You love superheroes, too! You say you’re Wonderwoman and your lasso of truth is the pink jump rope.šŸ˜‚ You’ve assigned daddy to be Superman, mommy is Batgirl, and Rocco is Batman. When we ask you, how about Lolo Vic? You say he’s the monster! Hahaha. You and your sense of humor talaga. 

You now know more TV characters. You love Peppa Pig and all her friends, PJ masks (you say you are Owlette), and the Little Pony (you say you are Rainbow Dash, daddy is Spike, mommy is Applejack, and Rocco is Twilight). You have even asked us to buy you toys from these shows! While watching, you would just blurt out, “Oooh, I like that! I will buy a Rainbow Dash toy! (But after realizing you don’t have money…) Daddy, you will buy for me tomorrow, okay?” Hehe.šŸ¤£

I can go on and on and on with many more stories about you because there is something new with you every day, but I can’t keep on writing forever. Hehe. We are very happy to have you in our lives, our sweet and sassy little girl.šŸ‘§ Happy 4th birthday to you, Lia! We love you to the moon and back!šŸ˜˜

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