Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Rocco at Five Months

It’s been five months since my emergency CS that gave me a beautiful baby boy.
Ang bilis bilis! Happy 5, our little bokbok! šŸ‘¶

Hooray, you can finally roll over! We thought you’d turn 5 without unlocking this achievement, but you did it for the first time last week, 8th of March. Congratulations, love!šŸ„‚ Your muscles are now stronger than your baby fats, hehe. Now that you’ve done it, you keep on doing it naman as if there’s nothing else to do in the world. Paulit ulit ulit! Don’t you get dizzy, baby? šŸ˜‚

The rolls all over your body are so yummy we always pinch them. But hey, gumaganti ka noh! Your stubby fingers are good pinchers, too!šŸ¦€ You always pinch lolo Vic’s arms when he carries you. And you don’t just pinch, you push and pull with all your might as well! My hair always falls victim to this. Ang sakit!

You are super malaway! šŸ¤¤ And you love playing with your saliva, gargling it and making bubbles! Hehehe. I want you to stop but oh well, you’re a baby. For now you have an excuse. 

Like everyone in our family, you are very ticklish! You laugh hard especially when I tickle your sides and your ears. So so so cute! šŸ˜

Time really flies! Next month you’re a half a year old already, waaaah! Don’t grow up too fast, my one and only baby boy! Mommy wants to enjoy more of your little-machoness, huhu! I love you, Rocco! ❤️

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