Saturday, April 13, 2019

Rocco at Six Months

Hooray, it’s Rocco’s ½ birthday!šŸŽ‚  Happy 6 months to our half dumpling, half buddha baby! šŸ’™

Your dad and I are so happy that you are a very healthy boy. For the past six months, you have not had any sickness, except for one very minor sipon which required no medical intervention. Your appetite for milk is always there, it’s not hard for me to make you feed and this also translates to good milk supply for me. Very, very good, bokbok! šŸ‘

At 6 months, you are attracted to everything glossy, like candy wrappers and packs of chips. When you see one, you follow it fiercely with your eyes šŸ‘€ and if you could crawl to it and grab it, you would. You’re not a crawler yet, though. Just a wriggler. Hehe. 

We think you are ready for solid food now because lately, you’ve been showing interest when you see us eating. You would try to snatch ate Lia’s snacks, or when I have food in my hand, you would take it and slowly guide it to your mouth. Akala mo makakalusot ka ha!šŸ˜‚ Actually, your pedia gave us clearance to start you on solid food a month ago, but it’s our decision to wait until you are 6 months. And today, you already are! Tomorrow is gonna be your big day and your first food will be squashed squash! šŸŽƒ

Lately, I have been noticing how much you adore your ate Lia. You’re happy when she talks to you, and you always follow her around with your eyes. I guess you are observing her when she talks, when she plays, when she laughs. It’s pure bliss when I watch you two interacting with each other. It just warms my heart. šŸ’“

You roll over very easily and quickly now, you’ve mastered it already. And I guess you are about to sit up on your own soon. You like it when we hold you while sitting, you enjoy the position. You also like it when you’re standing up. Or maybe you’re just tired from lying flat on your back most of the time?šŸ›️ Even at night, you sleep on your side like a grown man. Ang cute

Your lola Jovy says as you grow bigger, you look more and more like mommy! Do you like that? I like it! Perhaps it’s because both of us have big cheeks, button nose, and an overall round appearance. Hehe. But your daddy might object, so this is our little secret. šŸ˜Š

We love you so much, baby boy! In another half-year, you will have turned one year old already! Don’t worry, mommy’s already working on your birthday party. Can’t wait! šŸ¤—

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