Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Rocco at Seven Months

Our Don Buding is seven months today!šŸŽ‚ Happy birthday, our chubby lablab! 

You’re getting stronger and stronger at 7 months! You can now take your own weight if we support you to stand up. You’re very excited every time we gently pull you to a standinh position. Though you can’t crawl yet, you can already move from point A to point B with your semi-crawl, rollover, and wriggle combo. 

I guess you’ve already started teething. Your hands are always in your mouth, like you’re trying to reach for something inside. Maybe that’s the reason why you’ve not been sleeping soundly the past few weeks. You wake up fussy every now and then in the middle of the night. It’s also been a little more challenging to put you to sleep lately. Can’t wait to see your first tooth come out, baby! 

At 7 months, you’re a big eater! You are very excited when it’s meal time! You like mashed banana, squash, sayote, and sweet potato! You also like Cerelac. Those that you don’t like very much are pear and potato. The pedia said we could already feed you fish and meat but we’re taking our sweet time. Soon, you’ll be eating all those. 

You’re still very sweet, love, touching mommy’s face as you nurse. I hope you won’t get tired of mommy, I hope you stay enamored of mom even when you’re already big and independent. I hope you won’t get a girlfriend until you’re 18! šŸ˜‚ Hehe. 

Oops, I’m getting ahead of myself na! All I really want to say is we love you very much, our darling baby boy. Seeing your frequent smiles gives us so much joy, warming our hearts like hot pancakes! Happy happy 7th month! 

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