Thursday, June 13, 2019

Rocco at Eight Months

Today, 13th of June, our baby Rocco turns 8 months. I say this every time I write updates about my baby, and yet this swift passing of time still shocks me!šŸ˜² I just blinked and here we are, 4 months shy of his 1st birthday! Waaaah!

So how are you, my buchokoy, at 8 months?

Surprise surprise, you can already say MAMA and DADA!šŸ˜ You made me so happy when you said ma-ma for the first time last Sunday. You were crying and you wanted me to get you, and you said it. Huhuhu. The following day naman, you said da-da. Amaaaazing! I can’t wait for you to really talk and banter with your very talkative ate Lia. I’m sure all of us will have a lot of fun when that happens.

You can now sit up on your own without support!  You surprised me two days ago when I put you down on the bed and you sat up by yourself.  Galing galing!  But sometimes you're lazy, you'd rather lie down or lean back on the headboard. Hehe.

You have a new hobby - sprinkling saliva while making sounds!  You always play with your laway, you even use it against your ate. You touch your mouth and fill it with your sticky saliva then you crawl to your ate Lia to touch her. Hehe. Your sister calls this your "laway power"!šŸ˜€

No tooth has come out yet of your tiny gums, so I can still enjoy your toothless gwapo grins. But I can feel that they will soon be out, because you’ve been biting me like crazy, to the point of making me mad. Ang sakit kasi, tapos tatawanan mo lang yung “aray” ko.šŸ˜€ Hehe.

That’s it for this month, love! Looking forward to many more of your milestones. Stay sweet and cute and pogi! We love you! šŸ’™

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