Saturday, July 13, 2019

Rocco at Nine Months

Happy 9th month, baby Rocco! 

This past month, I’ve realized I have such a strong boy. You push, writhe, and wriggle when we hold you and you want to go somewhere. In bed, you’d crawl to the edge and shove yourself if you want to get something from the floor. I can’t even leave you for half a minute when you’re not in the crib, because you have no fear, my love. You’re very different from your ate in this sense, because she was a careful baby when she was little. You, however, are dauntless.

You already have two cute teeth on your bottom gum, and they’re very cute! They come very handy because you love food so much! When you see anyone eating anything and you’re not, you are sure to cry. You chew and swallow whatever is given to you, you do not discriminate! Hehe. I hope your appetite stays that way, baby. We can save up on appetite-boosting vitamins. Hehe. 

We’ve already started practice-walking with your ate Lia’s old andador, and you love it! You enjoy striding from one point to another, and when you get tired, you just hang your armpits and dangle on the andador. Hehe. I’m excited to see you walk soon! 

At nine months, you’re showing more and more that you are a mama’s boy, and I feel so kilig. You reach for me and cry when I leave for work every morning. When I get home and I don’t get you right away, you’d babble sadly and cry, too. I hope you’ll still love me like this even when you’re already a teenager! Hehe.

Your cake is no longer safe with you (hasn’t been the last couple of months)
because you always think it’s there to be smashed.šŸŽ‚šŸ˜‚
So this is how 9 months looks like - you’re always on the move, never sitting still.šŸƒšŸ»‍♂️

I think that’s about it for my monthly report, baby love. Let’s see what milestones will come next when you turn 10 (months). We love you!

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