Saturday, August 31, 2019

Becoming a #PlantMom 🌿

I never thought I’d see the day I would get all giddy and heart eyes emoji over plants, but here I am.πŸƒ This came to me as a surprise because in the past, I never cared about plants. My mom is crazy over greens and growing up, I’d see her gardening in our yard, watering her plants, and regularly taking out the indoor ones so they could catch the sun. I never understood it until now.

It all started last summer when Rolly complained about the heat at our family hall, despite the big windows.☀️ We thought, how could we make this area a little cooler? Putting an AC unit is not an option because the family hall is open (the staircase leads to it). I don’t like a ceiling fan either because I’m scared it would fall off and the blades would cut into our bodies mala-Final Destination. Hehe. The idea of putting plants sparked when I went to my cousin’s house and noticed how it wasn’t as hot at her place. She said, 'madami kasi akong halaman'. Tadaaa!πŸ’š The rest is history. 

This is Marga, my Monstera Deliciosa.πŸ’š

I started out detached. I just wanted to get plants for cooler air, but Rolly had to take care of the watering task. Hehe. That changed when one Fittonia seemed to be dying; the limped leaves made me feel sad. I took over and I was able to nurse it back to health! Not that it was difficult, but it made me feel super. Hehe. When you’re able to lazarus the ish out of a practically dead plant, you’d feel victorious pala talaga! The rest is history part two.

Now, people say that I’m already a certified #Plantita. But I correct them. I’m a #PlantMom.🌿

These were our very first plants - Spada and Bacularis.πŸ’š
I resurrected one of these beauties, my Fittonia albivenis.πŸ’š
'Messy hair don't care,' says my Beaucarnea recurvata a.k.a. Ponytail Palm.
I named her Paula the Ponytail.
I guess I have a thing for plants that look like heads full of hair
Meet Athena, my Dracaena anita.πŸ’š
Beside Paula is Zoe the ZZ (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia), otherwise known as the impossible-to-kill Welcome Plant.πŸ’š
Let's put that claim to the test, shall we?
Meet Farah the Fiddle-leaf Fig, a gift given to me by officemates. She used to have this many leaves, now there's only three. Huhu. This one's a diva and I feel very challenged to keep her alive.
This is my #Yucca and her name is Yuri.🌿
Heavy is her crown, yet she wears it as if it were a feather.πŸƒ
We’ve had this Ficus elastica for a while now, and I’m happy to see that she’s thriving.🌿
Her name is Ruby. Ruby the Rubber Tree.
"There is beauty in simplicity." That's the motto of Pepper, my green peperomia.πŸ’š
This is Coleen the Cobra Fern looking so sweet and innocent beside Apollo on our coffee tableπŸ’š
This is Jackie the Jade plant. You can call her Crassula ovata if you want to sound highfalutin.πŸ’š
Meet Pat the Pothos Njoy. She's proud of her pretty variegated leaves which will soon climb and crawl.πŸ’š
This Sansevieria makes me happy! I imagine it greeting me with a wide smile and open arms whenever I pass her by the steps.πŸ’š
My baby girl with her  very own plant baby, Zeus the Zebra plant.πŸ’š

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