Friday, September 13, 2019

Rocco at Eleven Months

Our always happy boy is eleven months old today, hooray!šŸŽ‰ So, how are you at 11?

You started with close-open, now you already know how to clap. Hehe. And wave, occasionally. When there’s music, you bounce and bounce as if you’re dancing.šŸ•ŗ You are always smiling, always adorable even to strangers. So far, there was never a day at the mall that a random stranger didn’t take notice of you or say hello. I remember a lolo and lola at McDo waving at you, they even smiled at the sight of the french fries you’re holding in both hands (or maybe they were judging me for letting you lick the fries haha).šŸ˜‚

You’re still a crawler, and you have the habit of crawling to the edge of the bed or crib to drop whatever you are holding. In fact, that’s what you did to my new phone which I only got a few weeks ago. Ay no, you didn’t just drop it. You threw it will all your strength!šŸ˜‚ Hay nakuuu ikaw bata ka!!!

You, our little bola bola, are a big eater. When there’s food, you open your mouth very, very wide until you can’t open it any bigger.šŸ˜‚ But your spoon is so tiny naman! You usually cry when there’s no food left, even if you’ve already eaten so much. That’s good! Very very good! Keep that up, baby. 

And speaking of your big appetite, you breastfeed with so much gusto as well.šŸ¼ When you were a baby, I used to have control over which boob you would nurse from. Now that you are already mobile, you move from one breast to another depending out of whim. Sometimes you change boobs every minute! Nakakatawa. Hehe.

This past month was the first time you ever got a fever.šŸ¤’ It was also the first time that you weren't your usual jolly self, and it made us sad. You battled with cough and colds for a few days, but thank God it was only a viral infection. We were worried at first, but you were able to move past it in-a-jiffy. Thank You Lord, for our very strong boy!šŸ™

And that's it! Now we only have one month left before your big day, Rocco!šŸŽ‚ Everyone is excited! We love you super duper kadooper! ❤️ 

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