Sunday, October 13, 2019

Rocco Turns One

Today, 13th of October 2019, our little man turns ONE! Happy first birthday, Rocco! šŸŽ‚

The past twelve months with you as part of our family has been nothing short of lovely. I didn’t realize how much more love our hearts could give until you came.šŸ’™ I love being your mommy, my sweet little boy. The way you look at me when you nurse, the way you cling to my arms, and the way you cry and call for me always make my heart melt, my love. Is this the mom and son bond I often hear about? Perhaps. Ooh how I adore you, my Pietro Joaquin.šŸ˜

Thank you for being an easy baby. When we brought you home from the hospital for the first time, I was already preparing myself for that indescribable exhaustion new parents often endure. With you, it never happened. You would just feed when you’re hungry and sleep when you’re sleepy. That’s it. I even recall worrying why you rarely cry, you’re always just quiet and unfussy. I didn’t think that’s normal. Yun pala, you’re just really mabait.šŸ¤—

Here with your favorite, ate Lia :)

Now that you’re one, your personality has already begun to surface. You’re always happy, it’s not hard to make you laugh. When you’re bored or sad, we just need to bring you to a nearby closet so you could open and close the cabinet doors and this would instantly make you smile. You also like moving! Lately, you’ve been doing a lot of cruising and crawling and climbing, you’re not afraid to fall. Pretty soon, you’ll be walking already and I’m a little anxious about all the habulan that we need to do. You have 5 teeth as of today, and there’ll be more in the weeks to come. These will come pretty handy as you explore new types of food. Mahilig ka pa naman kumain.šŸ¤£

We love you, our little boy! We look forward to many more adventures with you. Have a blast at your army-themed party later! šŸŽ‰

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