Saturday, March 28, 2020

Lia Turns Five

High five to our lovely little lady who turns 5 today!šŸ’–
Happy birthday, our darling Riella Noelle! šŸŽ‚

We did this shoot two weeks ago, and looking at you gamely posing and doing whatever the photographer instructed you, I was amazed at the little girl I was staring at.  You've already grown so much, my love.  In the past, we would bring Ate Anj and Ate Ems to shoots because their task was to make you giggle.  Now that's clearly not needed.  You know how to smile in front of the camera, how to stand, how to twirl.  You do poses on your own, you now make pa-cute on your own.  Oh, my Lia love!šŸ˜

Growing up, we have always applauded you for your language skills, and that's still worth mentioning now.  You never run out of things to say, of retorts when you're reprimanded, of excuses when you're caught doing something naughty.  You have countless quotable quotes, most are funny, some are out of this world.  You're very entertaining, my darling.  When we're with you, we don't need to turn on the TV. You would readily sing, dance, declaim, etc.šŸ˜‚  Recently, you're even into composing songs!  We would just tell you, 'Lia, sing something about bananas,' and without batting an eyelash, you would already belt out a funny string of instant banana lyrics.  Hehe.  That's how smart and hilarious you could be most of the time. That is, kapag wala kang sumpong. šŸ˜›

On top of blurting out words, you like writing them, too.  It's not uncommon for you to ask randomly how a word is spelled, because you're writing it down.  Related to this, there's even one time when you did something ludicrous.  I did not allow you to turn on the TV then.  You turned your back on me and started writing.  You asked, "Mom, what's the spelling of 'friend'?  I said F-R-I-E-N-D.  After a while, I saw what you wrote:  "My mommy is not my friend." šŸ˜‚ Like me, you write your thoughts down.  I won't be surprised a few years from now if you'd ask me to buy you a diary with a lock and key.  I had tons of that when I was young.

We're friends IRL.  But nothing compares to your friendship with your dad, and that's fine. I love seeing the two of you laugh together, chat about silly stuff, and play until you get sleepy.  You are one certified daddy's girl, and understandably so.  Your daddy can't wait for the day when he can already take you out on a date (I promise I won't be a third wheel), he says he wants to show you how a man should treat a lady, to guide you when you're already of actual dating age (so that's when you're 30yo?).šŸ˜› 

Our dear Lia, we are very sorry if our plans for your 5th birthday will not materialize.  We were supposed to be at HK Disneyland today, but because of the harmful coronavirus going around, we can't fly out.  In lieu of that, we said we'll just go to Enchanted Kingdom, but even that isn't happening due to the community quarantine / lockdown.  Your scheduled party at school didn't push through as well because classes got cancelled. Haay, we already sent out your My Little Pony-themed invites and the loot bags are ready, too.šŸ˜” But well, what can we do.šŸ˜” Daddy and I promise to make it up to you when things are better, when we know we can already go out safely without worrying about getting sick.  For now, we will just try to make things special even if we are only staying home today.  You always say you're happy when we're all at home together, right?  You are very sweet and expressive like that. šŸ’ž

Again, happiest birthday Lia!šŸŽˆ  Our love for you only grows and grows and grows as you grow and grow and grow! We will be here to guide you and take care of you forever. Hugs and kisses! šŸ˜˜

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