Thursday, March 5, 2020

Our Leap Day Getaway at Sheraton Hotel

They say one way to boost your kids’ happiness and intelligence is by giving them experiences instead of toys. And last Leap Day, Rolly and I decided to bring Lia and Rocco to Sheraton Hotel to add up to their collection of happy experiences with mom and dad! ❤️

We’ve always known that Lia loves the water, she enjoys spending time in the bath tub at home or swimming at the clubhouse pool. For Rocco, we didn’t know yet until Feb 29. It turned out, he’s just like his ate, and even more!šŸŠ He was immensely happy waddling in the pool, even though it was rather windy. I feared that he might catch a cold, but as I was staring at his very joyful face, naisip ko, di bale na nga kung magkasipon. His happiness was just priceless.šŸ˜ (It was Rocco’s first time to go swimming, because when we were in Pico de Loro last year, he was still so small and we didn’t dip him in the water.) 

Overall, we had a great time at Sheraton!šŸ‘ And don’t get me started on S Kitchen’s breakfast spread, super sulit! We will definitely come back! šŸ’•

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