Saturday, October 31, 2020

Rocco Turns Two

I will not let my little boy's birthday month end without an entry on the blog. Happy two years, our Pietro Joaquin! šŸŽ‚

At two, you have become more than just a baby creature (hehe), now you're like a little man with your own distinctive personality. You're extremely sweet, especially to Mommy, whom you like to hug and kiss and touch.  Melts my heart every single time.šŸ’–  Now I understand what I only used to hear, that little boys are usually very close and sweet to their moms.  You are more than that my darling. I can feel your love with every call, with every embrace. 

You have your sweet moments, but you won't be you without your likot and kulit!  You're very active and agile, your motor skills are clearly well developed and you look confident with every move. It seems like you never get hurt despite your frequent bumps and falls, hehe.  With you, especially on the bed, I must always remember to protect my face, because you might just pounce on me playfully at any given time. You know, you've already made my lips bleed twice, and you've already given me a hardcore bukol on my temple once!  Good thing your dad is there to always play with you, rowdy Rocco.šŸ˜‚  I understand how much you need to release all that intense boy energy.

At two, you're already an excellent communicator despite the bulol.  Hehe. You freely express yourself, thanks to your ate who has been your role model in kadaldalan.  You speak in sentences and you use advanced phrases for your age. People may not understand what sounds like gibberish, but your ate Lia is always there to serve as your interpreter.  We could see how smart you are, but unlike your ate who was into alphabets and numbers even before she turned two, you seem to be into other things like colors and animals and planets at this age.  You don't just know the eight planets, you know the dwarf planets too!  Would you want to be an astronaut someday? We'll see. šŸ˜„

Right now, you are showing signs of being good at performing arts. Why? You're great at drama! Hahaha. You fake cry hundreds of times a day when you don't get want you want, thinking you will get it when you open your mouth and wail.  Boy, it doesn't work, does it? Hehe. But you do it anyhow, and it's annoying ang funny at the same time because you are too cute!  

Well, what else can I say but we love you so much and we're over the moon seeing you happy and healthy every single day.  You fill our home with joy and laughter, you and your ate Lia.  We can't wait to see you grow, but we don't want it happening so fast either.  For now, we will enjoy your every hug and kiss, even your pawis and laway caresses. One day, I hope you will start to sleep through the night, but until then, mommy is always here to give you what you need twenty-four hours a day, even if it costs me my restful sleep. Hehe. Love you, Boki! šŸ’“

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