Thursday, December 31, 2020

Unbelievable 2020

Writing this a few hours before we say goodbye to 2020.  Needless to say, this year has been quite eventful. At the beginning, many claimed this was their year as 20-20 meant perfect vision, perfect focus. But the virus hit the globe, and the rest is history.  Millions were affected, many of our friends lost their loved ones, we know several who lost their jobs and businesses.  Though the bad has eclipsed the good for many people, we cannot deny that good things still happened. And these good things are what I'd like to put on the spotlight here. It's good to end the year with a grateful heart, a magnet for miracles. 

So what our our 2020 highlights? Believe it or not, there were a lot!  


This year has been the first year ever that we did not have any unwanted trip to the hospital.  It's been the healthiest for both Lia and Rocco, thank God! No major fevers or infections, no coughs and colds, no medications at all. I'm sure it's because both have been on house arrest for the last nine months since the pandemic began, and they would usually get viruses and bacteria outside.  

And because Rolly and I have been working from home, it's also the longest time ever that we have spent  continuously with the kids.  Watching them grow day by day is undoubtedly a highlight of my year!  We could get busy with work, but despite that, we could easily squeeze in moments to hug them and kiss them in their room any time we want, and that's a blessing.  


Like the time we're spending with the kids, it's also the longest that we have spent continuously together kasi ngayong taon, officemates kami!  We work in the same room, one of us just steps out when the other has a meeting. I never imagined being with him 24/7 for nine months (and counting) to be possible, but it's happening and I'm loving it!

Because of the current work setup, I have discovered more admirable things about my husband.  I didn't know he's that disciplined and focused at work!  Akala ko ako na ang pinaka-disiplinado (hehe), pero mas siya pala.  He's very responsible, doesn't want to move away from his computer until a task is done.  Medyo OA.  But he's like that pala.  His boss is very, very fortunate to have him in the team!

And again, because of the stay-at-home-to-stay-safe situation, both of us have become more creative in spending quality time together.  We can't go to the movies and eat out as frequently as we used to, so now we would be satisfied with Netflix and chips, sometimes with wine or vodka.  We were never a fan of K-drama, I used to think t's for Gen-Zs, but now Rolly and I bond over it. Hehe.  We also have more time to talk now because the exhaustion from traffic which we used to face daily is now out of the equation.

Last November 8, we were able to take a quick escape and we headed to Laguna for some serious quality time without the kids.  It was wonderful!  

Hmm, ano pa ba? Well, we have become even more active in Worldwide Marriage Encounter.  We consider it our lifelong advocacy, our gift to other married couples and our gift to ourselves, too. 


Having a job during the pandemic in itself is a blessing, but having an awesome job is a big deal!  I even got a promotion which was a bonus.  Thank You Lord!


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