Sunday, March 28, 2021

Lia Turns Six

Today, our darling firstborn turns 6!  Happy birthday, Lia love! šŸŽ‚

Maybe the most overused phrase across many posts in this blog is "time flies" --- oh boy indeed, it does.  I still remember the day I gave birth to you.  It was an easy, peasy experience at the hospital, but the day we brought you home and onwards was an entirely different story. šŸ˜‚ You were a tiny baby, with a tiny face and a big nose and puffy lips the moment you came out of my body. Hehe.  Now you're six, and moving up to Big School a few months from now. 

So how are you at six years old?

Like we all expected, you're academically smart and advanced.  You read fast, your vocabulary is wide at your age, and you pick up lessons quite quickly.  Linguistics is your favorite subject, and you do well in Math too, especially in fractions. You like art so much, you always doodle and draw and color, that's why we always get you crayons and other coloring materials, and reams of bond paper are always at the ready any time you want to scribble. I am amazed by how you are able to make emotions surface in your stick drawings. Hehe, ang galing.  Recently, you have started doing ballet as well, albeit online.šŸ’ƒ We are happy that you are enjoying it, despite the constant complaints how your legs ache when stretched and how your ballet shoes "tickle" your feet uncomfortably. As a child, I think what we have to give you more opportunity on is how to practice your social skills more.  We know you like having friends, but you're still a bit unnatural when conversing with other kids, in your class for instance.  You're so used to talking to grownups that socializing with kids your age (with the exception of Rocco) has taken the backseat.  We'll get there for sure, especially when you're already in grade school. No worries. šŸ˜˜

I love how you love me, my sweet girl.  You always want mommy to hug you at night, otherwise you tell me you will have a bad dream.  You also tell me how you're excited to grow up because we will do a lot of new things together, like having our nails done at the salon, watching "girl movies" at the cinema, and coffee dates!šŸ’–  I am more excited to do these with you actually, and I look forward to staying as your best friend even though by then, you will have met many friends your age already.  I hope you will keep your promise to be my best gal pal forever.

Deep inside, I know that your real favorite is your daddy, even though you tease him all the time that he's not your favorite.  It is obvious my love.  You are most comfortable with him, and you laugh the hardest when the two of you play.  I can't wait to see how you will get along with your dad when you're already a full grown lady.  Pero matagal pa yun, ayaw ko pa. Haha.

You are also a very sweet ate to Rocco. Very patient, always trying to understand the antics of your little brother.  Rocco is blessed to have you by his side as he grows up because you are a good role model to him.  Keep it up, ate Lia. šŸ˜Š

Again, happy birthday our first baby love!  It's your second pandemic birthday, celebrating within the confines of our home.  We will make it up to you when everything is better.  We love you!  Enjoy being six!


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